IMA Children Circle Concludes Online Competitions

Under the patronage of Ministry of Awqaf (Kuwait), IMA Children Circle conducted online competitions throughout the Holy month of Ramadan for Indian children residing in Kuwait. Children of all ages, boys and girls participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

There were 4 competitions namely Quran recitation, Quiz, Nasheed and Short drama (skit). All competitions were held utilizing various online techniques so that participant children stay safe in their homes. At a time, when children were getting bored staying home during lockdowns IMA Children’s Circle gave them an opportunity to utilize their time in seeking and widening knowledge in an effective manner.

All participants showed their talent , creativity and zeal in the competitions. It was really tough and challenging for the judges to decide the winners. Prize and awards distribution ceremony will be held by Ministry of Awqaf after the situation gets normal. The results and details of the function shall be notified to all participants, Insha Allah.


Competition Name Age Group Gender Winner Name Position
Quran Recitation 4 to 8 Years Boys Fauzaan Ahmed 1st
Hamzah Nisar Ahmed 2nd
AbdulRahman Tambu 3rd
4 to 8 Years Girls Anam Yusuf Solkar 1st
Aaliyah Azmath Sherif 2nd
Hifza Imam 3rd
9 to 11 Years Boys Affan Ahmed 1st
Mohammed Afraz Hussain 2nd
Mohammed Sulaiman Shareef 3rd
9 to 11 Years Girls Sehris Khan 1st
Maryam Shakeel Ahmed 2nd
Safa Anwar 3rd
12 to 14 Years Boys Sayed Mujtaba Hussain 1st
N Riyaz Ahmed 2nd
AbdulRahman Yusufdeen 3rd
12 to 13 Years Girls Shaza Amin 1st
Manha Anees 2nd
Aaliya Mohamed Faisal 3rd
Rida Faisal Khan 3rd
Online Quiz 8 to 14 Years Boys & Girls Amir Abdul Azez 1st
Afifa Firdaus 1st
Aazim Mohamed Rihan 2nd
Ruqayyah J Khanzada 2nd
Ahmed Mohamed Faizar 3rd
Mohamad Ibrahim 3rd
Nuwair M Shaif Alaji 4th
Mujtaba Saif 5th
Suwaiba Pathan 6th
Areeba Mahreen 7th
Mohammed Yusuf 8th
Maryam Chorghay 9th
Fida Lahir 10th
Nasheed 5 to 7 Years boys & Girls Syeda Asfiya Marayam 1st
Aliza Sabahat 2nd
Aaliya Azmath Sherif 3rd
8 to 10 Years boys & Girls Mariya Abdul Moiz 1st
Maryam Shakeel 2nd
Arshiya Mahboob Fatima 3rd
11 to 15 Years boys Nihal Saheer 1st
Mohammad Saif 2nd
Mukhtar Muhammad 3rd
Skit 4 to 14 Years Boys & Girls Eman Anwar 1st
Hameeda Kausar/Haleema Kausar 1st
Aliza Zafar/Ruman Zafar/Ashaj Khan 2nd
Umar Abdul Azeez Shiraas 2nd
Sehrish Khan / Mayesha Khan 3rd
Mohamed Uwais 3rd